Porcelain Slabs Are Toronto’s Newest Trend

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Porcelain Slabs for Toronto Design

Porcelain slabs are Toronto’s newest design trend. Read on to learn more about this innovative countertop material.
What are the aspects you look for in a kitchen countertop material? A list of the best attributes for countertop material might include:
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Affordability
  • Ease of care
  • Beauty
  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Colour
  • Design
Some countertop materials contain most of these features; some contain a few in good measure but lack others. Every countertop material has advantages and disadvantages. Marble, for example, is extremely beautiful, but it is comparatively expensive. Stainless steel is heat resistant, but it smudges easily and can be hard to clean. Granite is very durable, but it needs to be resealed on a regular basis, and can be stained by certain foods. Some plastic laminates are affordable and sturdy, but they lack beauty.
Toronto’s design community is excited about a new twist on a very old material – porcelain. Porcelain was invented in ancient China; the earliest porcelain was found in Shang Dynasty ruins close to Zhengzhou, in central China’s Henan Province. Porcelain is made from kaolin clay, fired at very high temperatures. It can withstand temperature changes, and, with care, it will last for generations.


In North America, of course, we have used porcelain tile in interior and exterior design for centuries. In the 1990s, porcelain slab was introduced as an alternative to stone, laminate, and engineered stone countertop material. However, it couldn’t be manufactured in very large pieces, and it had other drawbacks that kept it from being a player in the countertop market. Recent innovations to manufacturing techniques, however, are bringing porcelain slab to the forefront again, and all indications are that porcelain slab countertops are poised to become the next big trend in interior design.


The Porcelain Advantage


First, porcelain slab is very strong; stronger than granite, one of nature’s hardest substances. Along with strength, porcelain slab has durability. In fact, porcelain slab counters are recommended for homeowners who want to create an outdoor space, since this hardy material stands up well to rain, hail, sleet, and snow.


Porcelain slab is heat resistant. It’s non porous, so it’s stain resistant. It’s not easily scratched, either by cutlery or abrasive cleansers.


Like fine stone, porcelain slab is available in as many colours as you can imagine. However, unlike stone, designers can create incredible customized patterns on porcelain slab. New glazing techniques and inkjet printing systems have made it possible to manufacture porcelain slab that looks like metal, wood, or even fabric!


Porcelain slab is thin. Because of this, it’s easy to cut, shape, and install. Its slim look makes it perfect for contemporary designs with sleek lines. And if you have an existing countertop that you want to replace, it’s possible that a porcelain slab countertop could be installed right on top of the old one.


Integrated sinks reduce water leaking and make your countertop look smooth and efficient. While integrated sinks are already feasible with some other types of countertop materials, porcelain slab takes the idea to new heights by making it possible to include an integrated sink that exactly matches the colour and pattern of the countertop!


Get in on the Ground Floor


Visit a stone supplier’s showroom, and learn more about this revolutionary new countertop material.